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our ales, your establishment

Interested in getting
our ales on tap in your
Seneca Lake Brewing offers the ability for you to add a new or additional line of ale from our unique Cask Conditioned & Bottle Conditioned Real Ale Portfolio to your current lineup.

with zero disruption to your existing line of beers and utilizing minimal space in your location our casks are Available in two sizes: Pin – 5.4 Gal, Firkin – 10.8 Gal.  our casks can be placed directly on you bar top and poured straight from the cask, or placed under the bar or in another location and connected to a hand pull Beer Engine. Additionally our bottle conditioned ales can be stored and served directly from the shelf or from your current fridge setup.

contact us for a current list of Ales that are available from our Cask and bottle Conditioned Real Ale Portfolio.

• Choose from any of our existing portfolio of Cask and bottle Conditioned Real Ales.
• We’ll provide onsite consultation to identify the perfect location & setup for your casks.
• We’ll provide onsite training (on request) to your team to ensure a complete understanding of cask management and the beer engines.
• Free delivery (50-mile radius)
• Add additional Ales and Casks/Beer Engines anytime.

Interested in getting our ales on tap or in bottles? or know an
 establishment that may be, get in contact.

contact us

have a question, want to make a booking or want to find out more about what we do atseneca lake brewing & The Beerocracy? we’d love to hear from you so get in touch.
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