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Whip up a dreamy, fluffy-as-a-cloud banana pudding in just five minutes with Angel Delight instant dessert mix. Made with real fruit for an oh-so-delicious fruity taste, this banana dessert has no nasty artificial flavours or colours and no added preservatives. Easy to prepare as a quick dessert on a school night, or to savour at the weekend! Simply add fresh milk and whisk. Let it stand for five minutes and watch as it transforms into a melt-in-the-mouth delightful and fluffy banana pudding. Each sachet makes enough for four portions, so there's plenty to share with the whole family. Try adding sliced fresh fruit and juicy berries for an even more special treat or enjoy Angel Delight on its own – either way, every spoonful will be filled with delightful memories old and new.

Angel Delight - Banana

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